Pipeline Development & Qualification

  • Deep-Dive/ 90-minute PipelineStrategy Kick Off with Client

  • Collaborative qualificationmeetings (weekly) with Client team

  • d8 In-depth analysis andprioritization of remaining top opportunities

  • Finalprioritized opportunities list & recommended next steps on Top 10opportunities for Capture (client receives FULL report of all qualifiedopportunities – only the prioritized Top 10 include the next steprecommendations from d8 Group).

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Engagement Includes:
  • Two dedicated resources

  • Allnecessary Data/ Business Intelligence pulls/ research

  • (d8 Group) siftingindividually through 2,500+ opportunities from multiple sources on behalf ofclient, manually, one-by-one, to find the top fit opportunities (prior to presentingthe Client with the initial set of “Identified Opps”)

  • Collaborativesessions with the client to narrow the opportunity pipeline funnel and providecoaching and counseling along the way

  • Finalreport set up with prioritized deals, key capture element columns, nextteaming/ capture recommendations on top opportunities

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Capture Lite Support

  • On 10 mutually agreed upon top deals per month, d8 groupwill:

    • Outreach all ContractingOfficers to further qualify the deal – 9 key questions d8 attempts to clarifyon behalf of the Client

    • Populate list of potentialteaming partners/ competitors based on comprehensive research of high pWin fits

    • Populate the prospectivegovernment Customer Call Plan

    • Outreach to high pWinpartners for teaming discussions

    • Provide Business Intelligence research anddocuments for the top 10 deals—RFI’s, PWS, articles, etc

    • If applicable, create andlaunch “Expiring 8(a) Campaigns”

    • If applicable, create and launch “8(a) SoleSource Campaigns”

  • Monthly reports showing progress with measurable metrics

  • Final out brief—summary of top 10 deals, and Capture/Progressenacted on each to move the opportunities forward

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Engagement Includes:
  • Three key d8 Group dedicated team members working in concert oneach top opportunity capture 

  • Outreach to government and teaming partners on behalf of theclient

  • Training/ coaching/ collaboration with Client 

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Exclusive Capture & SME Support

Onone specific, named opportunity, d8 Group will EXCLUSIVELY support client via:

  • Up to 20 hours/ month support from d8 Group SME’s(recent retirees form government, PhD’s, Recognized thought leaders or insidersin an organization) to support any or all of the following:

    • Governmentcustomer “door opening”

    • Clientmessaging, presentation prep for govt meetings

    • Participationin solutioning sessions

    • Helpin proposal response/ review

    • Otherbrainstorming support around a specific agency

    • Clientcan “plug-and-play” different/ most appropriate SMEs as needed within the20-hour ceiling

  • d8 will work on behalf of the client to finalize andclose all teaming meetings/ gaps

  • Identification and outreach to key personnel orincumbent PM/ Deputy PM

  • Formal Capture Kick Off with teammates – maintainingregular cadence on these

  • Identification of customer pain points, win themes,discriminators, price to win, competitors/ positioning analysis

  • Monthly capture update reports to the Client andalso monthly team meeting to collaborate/ share progress.  (Meetingsmay be set for more frequent cadence, if desired by the Client)

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Proposal Writing & Management

We leave no stone unturned using d8's proprietary methodology to comb the federal and state landscape, thereby giving you the most highly vetted, highest fit and most winnable pipeline of opportunities. By knowing what you are going to bid 6 to 36 months in advance you increase your odds of beating your competition, reduce wasted time and maximize your investments of time and resources.


Brand Amplification Services

In today’s digital playground you can’t afford to be left behind. Image, Online persona matter more than ever before. Networking is no longer just in conferences. Control how industry and government see you, your firm and your team.

Position yourself as a thought leader in your technology or other domain.

Aggressively control your narrative... or be forgotten.

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